Drug investigation leads to multiple arrests

On 3/13/14 Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team investigators served a search warrant at an apartment in the 100 block of Lanier Drive, Statesboro Ga, regarding sales of marijuana from that apartment.  The tenant, Jeffrey Zane Strickland (19 yoa, Lanier Drive Statesboro Ga), was arrested and charged with three counts of Sale of Marijuana, three counts of Unlawful Use of Communications Facilities, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime.  Marijuana and a firearm were recovered during the search.

Acting on the findings of the search warrant, investigators began arresting individuals who arrived at the apartment attempting to purchase marijuana.  This reverse sting continued throughout the night, resulting in the arrest of a total of 28 defendants.  Charges against these individuals included Criminal Attempt to Purchase Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana (less than one ounce).  With the assistance of BCSO Jail Division deputies, all the defendants were transported to the Bulloch County Jail for processing.  As of this release bonds have been assigned to the defendants and several have been released.

The purpose of this operation was twofold.  One was to interrupt drug sales from this location, an activity which often leads to more serious crimes such as home invasions for the purpose of stealing drugs from such locations.  The other was to send a message to purchasers about the hidden dangers of participating in the drug trade.  Investigators spoke with the defendants after their arrest about how drug sales impact the apartments and other areas of student housing in which they live.

Crime Suppression Team arrests

rich, eric anderson, kelvin blaney, victor harlie, fontarian holloway, taivez

On 3/10/2014 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team served a search warrant at 110 St. Charles Place Apartments for drug sales.  This is the second search warrant that the Crime Suppression Team has served at this address in the last month.   St. Charles Place Apartments is located at the entrance to Park Place Apartments in the 200 block of Lanier Drive, Statesboro Ga.  While serving this latest search warrant, CST investigators arrested Victor Jerome Blaney (45 yoa, Lanier Drive Statesboro Ga) for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  A quantity of marijuana, packaging materials and smoking devices were also seized. Blaney (who was already out on bond and on probation) was transported to the Bulloch County Jail where he is held pending a court appearance.   


Also on 03/10/2014 investigators with CST served a search warrant at 10 Stadium Place Apartments for drug sales.  Investigators located Eric Rich (38 yoa, Lanier Drive Statesboro Ga) as he was attempting to flush a large bag of marijuana, however Rich clogged the toilet and the evidence was recovered. Rich physically struggled with investigators but was taken into custody.  Rich was charged with felony obstruction of an officer, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and tampering with evidence (felony).  While investigators were serving this search warrant other CST members stopped a vehicle that was suspected of having just purchased narcotics from Rich.  Both of the occupants were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana (misd): Taivez Holloway (30 yoa, Knight Drive Statesboro Ga) and Fontarian Deonta Harlie (24 yoa, Cedar Creek Rd Claxton Ga).  Two small children were in the vehicle at the time of the drug transaction and were eventually turned over to a family member


On 03/11/2014, after conducting surveillance on a suspected drug dealer, CST investigators stopped Kelvin Antwone Anderson (36 yoa, Boggs St Claxton Ga) after he was believed to have sold cocaine to another male.  Anderson was attempting to leave the Statesboro Mall at the time of the traffic stop.  During this stop a sizeable amount of cocaine and approximately $600.00 in US currency was located.  Anderson was placed under arrest and charged with the sale of cocaine and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.  Anderson’s vehicle was impounded to await forfeiture procedures and he was transported to the Bulloch County Jail. 

Aggravated assault investigation

On 3/11/14 at 2312 hrs patrol deputies were notified of a male shot in the 100 block of Nature’s Way, Statesboro Ga.  Deputies and EMS personnel responded a found the male victim, 41 yoa, shot in the leg.  The victim was transported to East Georgia Regional Medical Center for treatment.  The victim stated that he was shot by an unknown black male driving a light colored car.

BCSO Investigator Dusty Williams was assigned to the investigation.  Anyone who witnessed suspicious activity in the area of Nature’s Way around the time of the incident is asked to contact Inv Williams at 912-764-1703 or submit an anonymous tip to tips@bullochsheriff.com

Child cruelty arrest

WRIGHT, SHANTEOn 3/4/14 Sgt Kenny Thompson responded to Langston Chapel Elementary School for a report of child cruelty.  Sgt Thompson met with representatives of the school and the Ga. Dept. of Family and Children Services and examined the five year old male child, who displayed bruising around one of his eyes.  After speaking with the child, Sgt Thompson interviewed the child’s mother, Shante Nicole Wright (28 yoa, Continental Can Rd Statesboro Ga), concerning the injury.  Based on the physical and testimonial evidence, Sgt Thompson placed Wright under arrest for causing the injury to the five year old’s face by use of a belt.  She was transported to the Bulloch County Jail and charged with one count of Cruelty to a Child- 1st degree.  Wright later posted a bond and was released.  DFACS continues to be involved in the case.

Two arrested after Crime Suppression Team serves search warrant

POOLE, JAMES HUNTER bozeman, jaci

On 3/4/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team served a search warrant in the 300 block of Palm Avenue (Hammocks Subdivision Statesboro Ga).  The search warrant was the culmination of a lengthy investigation into the sale of illegal steroids.  During the search, investigators located a substantial quantity of suspected steroids along with hundreds of syringes and other items consistent with the distribution of these substances.  The tenant of the home, James Hunter Poole (23 yoa, Palm Avenue Statesboro Ga), was arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Marijuana (misdemeanor), and Possession/Use of a Drug Related Object.  A female visitor present at the time the search warrant was served, Jaci Bree Bozeman (20 yoa, Freedom’s Landing Dorm, Statesboro Ga), was also arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana (misdemeanor).

Deputy suffers minor injury in fight with wanted person

chapman, kennethOn 3/4/14 at 1830 hrs Deputy 1st Class Randall Norman stopped a vehicle on Kyle Sorrell Rd at Newton’s MHP for a minor traffic offense.  DFC Norman made contact with the driver, later identified as Kenneth Steven Chapman (21 yoa, Grant St Garden City Ga), at which time Chapman provided a false name to Norman.  After obtaining Chapman’s true identity, DFC Norman found that he was wanted out of Effingham County.  As DFC Norman attempted to take Chapman into custody, Chapman physically resisted arrest.  The two struggled until other deputies could reach the scene, summoned by a call for help from DFC Norman.  Chapman was taken into custody and transported to the Bulloch County Jail.  DFC Norman sustained a minor injury to his knee during the altercation.

Chapman is charged with multiple offenses:  1 ct Felony Obstruction of an Officer, 1 ct Misdemeanor Obstruction, 1 ct Simple Battery on an Officer, 1 ct Giving False Identification, 1 ct Disorderly Conduct, 1 ct Battery, Seatbelt violation, and an outstanding Effingham County warrant.  He has no bond.

Traffic stops lead to several drug arrests


On 2/28/14 investigators assigned to the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team were conducting surveillance on suspects associated with a long term heroin and cocaine sales operation.  Four individuals were observed meeting and leaving the meeting spot driving separate vehicles.  Investigators developed probable cause to stop both vehicles on Gentilly Rd.  The occupants of a black Mercedes, Emily Rushing (26 yoa, Nature’s Way Statesboro Ga) and Tambi Rich (35 yoa, Wren Lane Statesboro Ga), and the occupant of Rushing’s Dodge Charger (Johnny Lee Branch Jr, 33 yoa Park Place Apts Statesboro Ga) were arrested after a K-9 alert led to the discovery of crack cocaine.  Rushing’s Dodge Charger was discovered to have been stolen from Atlanta Ga as well.

Following up on these arrests, search warrants were conducted at Rushing’s residence on Nature’s Way, leading to the discovery of heroin and multiple syringes, and at an associate of Rushing’s living in Stadium Walk Apts on Lanier Drive.  At Stadium Walk Apts, CST investigators discovered a quantity of heroin and arrested Michael Rice (25 yoa, Stadium Walk Apts Statesboro Ga).  Rice was also charged with previous sales of heroin and cocaine observed by CST members.

These arrests demonstrate the interconnected nature of drug sales in Bulloch County and the number of neighborhoods and apartment complexes affected.  Arrest data follows:

Emily Frances Rushing:  1 ct Trafficking Heroin, 1 ct Possession of Cocaine, 1 ct Theft by Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle

Michael Rice:  1 ct Trafficking Heroin, 1 ct Sale of Heroin, 1 ct Sale of Cocaine

Tambi Rich:  1 ct Possession of Cocaine

Johnny Lee Branch Jr:  No Drivers License, 1 ct Possession of Cocaine

Crime Suppression Team makes drug arrests at 111 South Apartments

lawton, lavelle cobb, zane hamlett, curtis

An investigation into sales of illegal narcotics led to three arrests on 2/25/14.  Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team members began looking into suspected drug activity at an apartment in the 111 South Apartment complex on Rucker Lane, Statesboro, in December 2013.  Purchases of illegal drugs from the apartment led to the issuance of arrest warrants for Zane Patrick Cobb (21 yoa, Rucker Lane Statesboro Ga) for three counts of Sale of Marijuana.  On 2/25/14 CST investigators arrived at the apartment to serve the arrest warrants.  They located and arrested Cobb and also discovered other drugs and drug related objects in the apartment.  Lavelle Ronnie Lawton (19 yoa, Rucker Lane Statesboro Ga) and Curtis John Hamlett (24 yoa, Rucker Lane Statesboro Ga) were also arrested based on those findings.  All three were transported to the Bulloch County Jail where they subsequently posted bond.  Charging information follows.  Anyone with information on suspected drug activity should contact CST at 912-764-1786 or submit an anonymous tip to tips@bullochsheriff.com

Zane Patrick Cobb:  3 cts Sale of Marijuana, 3 cts Unlawful use of Communications Facilities, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, Tampering with Evidence

Lavelle Ronnie Lawton:  Use or Possession of a Drug Related Object

Curtis John Hamlett:  Possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance, Possession of Marijuana (misdemeanor)

Heroin arrests spotlight new drug trend; Crime Suppression Teams makes multiple arrests overnight

vernard parker michele parker

On 02/20/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team conducted an investigation regarding the sale of heroin. Investigators arrived at 147 Valley Road in Statesboro and attempted to make contact with the home owners. Investigators made contact with Michelle Geis Parker (48 yoa) and Vernard Andre Parker (45 yoa). After further investigation Vernard Parker admitted to possessing multiple bags of heroin. Michelle Parker was charged with Possession and/or Use of a Drug Related Object and Vernard Parker was charged with Possession of Heroin with the Intent to Distribute.  These arrests highlight changing trends in illegal drug sales and use in our community.  A major focus of C.S.T. is the disruption of such trends.

In other arrests throughout the night C.S.T. members arrested a total of 18 individuals on various charges ranging from outstanding arrest warrants to possession with intent of various drugs.

Burglar caught in the act by Crime Suppression Team


On 2/14/14 at 2049 hrs Master Deputy Mark Guarino and Investigator M Brinson, both assigned the the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team, were working in the area of Lanier Drive when a burglary in progress call was given out at 2 Bird Lane.  Guarino and Brinson responded to the location and were able to locate the suspect, later identified as Timothy Adams (29 yoa, Bird Lane Statesboro Ga), leaving the area with a stolen television.  After a short foot pursuit, Adams was arrested and transported to the Bulloch County Jail where he remains on a charge of Burglary in the First Degree.

C.S.T.’s focus is to provide proactive law enforcement to areas where crime trends have become a concern.  C.S.T. has focused extensively on the Lanier Drive area to provide robust protection to Georgia Southern students living off campus in that area.