Man re-arrested for manufacturing steroids

poole, james hunterOn 6/7/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team responded to a residence in the 300 block of Palm Avenue off of Lanier Drive to assist in a domestic disturbance call.  The homeowner of that residence, James Hunter Poole (23 yoa, Palm Avenue, Statesboro), had been arrested by CST in March 2014 for manufacturing steroids and subsequently posted bond on that charge.  During the domestic dispute investigation, CST personnel noted all of the necessary ingredients to manufacture steroids inside the residence along with syringes, vials, and a quantity of suspected finished product.  Poole was re-arrested for manufacturing steroids and transported to the Bulloch County Jail where he remains without bond.  All evidence was submitted to the GBI Crime Lab for testing.

Reverse prostitution sting nets multiple suspects

whitman scott brandon chiang charles ford jr david berry david talbot dekara lee john peavy lee purvis richard waters scott lariscey spencer flythe iii travis roberts

Over the past two days, investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team conducted a reverse prostitution sting with the cooperation of a local motel.  As prostitution is now facilitated in many cases on the internet, investigators used a classified internet advertising website to arrange transactions.  The individuals who responded to the specified motel to complete the sexual transaction were then arrested.

C.S.T. began this investigation after receiving complaints from the public and information from other law enforcement agencies.  Prostitution brings with it other issues, such as drug activity, robberies, and the use of underage and sex trafficked women.  The reverse stings make the crime more dangerous for “Johns” to participate in and hopefully deters them from doing so.


  1. Brandon Chiang, 20 yoa, Derenne Avenue Savannah Ga, 1 ct pandering and 1 ct obstruction
  2. David Talbot, 43 yoa, Highway 23 Reidsville Ga, 1 ct pandering
  3. Charles Ford Jr, 38 yoa, Garfield Street Statesboro Ga, 1 ct pandering
  4. Scott Lariscey, 42 yoa, Park Avenue Statesboro Ga, 1 ct pandering
  5. Lee Purvis, 42 yoa, West Main Street Claxton Ga, 1 ct pandering
  6. Whitman Scott, 30 yoa, Oak Hill MHP Statesboro Ga, 1 ct pandering and 1 ct sexual battery
  7. John Peavy, 48 yoa, Shearhouse Rd Guyton Ga, 1 ct pandering
  8. Spencer Flythe III, 35 yoa, Old Register Rd Statesboro Ga, 1 ct pandering
  9. Richard Waters, 50 yoa, Beulah Church Rd Harrison Ga, 1 ct pandering
  10. Berry David, 53 yoa, Old Tremont Rd Cordele ga, 1 ct pandering
  11. Travis Roberts, 26 yoa, Effingham Highway Sylvania Ga, 1 ct pandering
  12. Dekara Lee, 23 yoa, Palm Beach Florida, 1 ct prostitution and 1 ct keeping a place of prostitution


Two arrested for heroin trafficking

mikeon briddy damonta anderson

On 5/31/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team conducted a narcotics investigation at Park Place Apartments in the 200 block of Lanier Drive, Statesboro Ga, based on information that a large amount of heroin was being transported to that location from Atlanta.  At 10:00 p.m. a male subject, later identified as Damonta Anderson (25 yoa, Greens Ferry Rd, Atlanta Ga), and a female subject, later identified as Mikeon Briddy (23 yoa, McDaniel St, Atlanta Ga), arrived to deliver the heroin.  When investigators attempted to take Anderson into custody he attempted to flee on foot and was subdued by use of the Taser.  Briddy was taken into custody without incident.  Both Anderson and Briddy were transported to the Bulloch County Jail where they are held without bond pending a hearing in Superior Court.  Anderson was charged with Trafficking in Heroin and Obstruction.  Briddy was charged with Trafficking in Heroin.

Crime Suppression Team arrests subject near GSU who was wanted by five agencies


On 5/29/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team working the area of Lanier Drive responded to the Cove Apartments on Chandler Rd to assist Statesboro Police Dept units with a large gathering of people.  During the course of this agency assist, CST members began speaking with a male subject in the area.  The male subject provided a false name in an attempt to conceal his identity, however investigators were able to finally determine his name to be Calvin Brewton (25 yoa, Chandler Rd, Statesboro Ga).  Brewton was found to have active warrants for his arrest for a series of entering autos on Savannah Avenue, cases worked by the Statesboro Police Dept.  Brewton was also wanted by GSU P.D. for Obstruction, by Liberty County S.O. for Probation Violation, by Chatham County S.O. for Probation Violation, and by the Pembroke P.D. for a Bench Warrant.  Additionally, Brewton was determined to be a previously unidentified seller of marijuana from whom CST had purchased marijuana in the past several months.  Brewton was transported to the Bulloch County Jail where he remains with no bond set.

Brewton’s case is a prime example of why CST was formed.  His charges range from thefts to drug activity and he resided in an area next door to Georgia Southern University.  By dedicating investigators to work problem areas, regardless of what form those problems take, law enforcement targets its efforts and hopefully makes these neighborhoods safer.  The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office and Statesboro Police Department are committed to lowering crime rates and keeping students safe while they attend GSU.

Brewton’s final list of charges are as follows:  3 cts of Entering Auto, 1 ct of Sale of Marijuana, 2 cts of Giving False Information to Law Enforcement, 1 ct of Obstruction, with holds placed on Brewton for Liberty County, Chatham County, and Pembroke Police.

Child molestation arrest


On 4/26/14 BCSO investigators responded to East Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro for a report of an 11 yoa female who was pregnant.  Subsequent investigation indicated that the pregnancy was the result of incidents which had occurred in Bulloch County within the first six months of the year.  Interviews revealed that Brandon Lamar Golden (17 yoa, Packinghouse Rd, Statesboro Ga) was the father of the child.  The relationship between the victim and Golden is not being released at this time so as to conceal the victim’s identity.  Golden was arrested and charged with one count of Child Molestation, one count of Statutory Rape, and one count of Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes.  He is currently housed at the Bulloch County Jail pending a bond hearing.  Anyone with information concerning this case should contact Inv John Quattlebaum at 912-764-1785 or submit an anonymous tip to

Quality of life offenses on West Grady St and Butler St addressed with search warrants

milton odom alvin boles daniel hodges demetrius donaldson james earl lundy michael fennell

On 05-22-14 investigators served two search warrants simultaneously at 16A Butler Street and 712 West Grady Street, both in Statesboro, which are located in close proximity to each other.  Investigators have had numerous complaints of drug sales and drug use, fighting, gambling and other quality of life issues at these two residences. Last month investigators served three search warrants in the same area (one being 16 A butler street) for the same reasons.   Investigators arrested the following individuals:  Milton Leroy Odom (63 yoa,West Grady Street, Statesboro) on 1 ct of Maintaining a Disorderly House and 1 ct of Unlawful Distributing or Dispensing a Controlled Substance by a Registrant, Daniel Hodges (65 yoa, Butler Street, Statesboro) on 1 ct of Maintaining a Disorderly House and 1 ct of Sale of Alcohol without a License (his second charge in a month for the same offense), Alvin Boyles (54 yoa, Loretha Street, Statesboro) on 1 ct of Possession of a Drug Related Object when he was found to be in possession of a crack pipe, Demetrius Donaldson (48 yoa, Bobby Donaldson Ave, Statesboro) on 1 ct of Possession of Cocaine and 1 ct of Possession of a Drug Related Object (crack pipe) ,Michael Fennell (35 yoa, Savannah Ave, Statesboro) on 1 ct of Possession of Cocaine, James Earl Lundy(40 yoa, Simmons Rd, Statesboro) on 1 ct of Possession of Cocaine and 2 cts Sale of Cocaine.  All were transported to the Bulloch County Jail for processing.

The Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team takes the complaints of citizens very seriously and works to address them whenever possible.  Citizens who want disruptive influences out of their neighborhoods should report their concerns to C.S.T. by calling 912-764-1786 or submitting an anonymous tip to

Crime Suppression Team arrests



On Friday may 16, 2014 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team responded along with Statesboro Police Officers to 231 Vista Circle for a drug complaint.  Information was received from an anonymous source that stated Mica Eugene Baggett (24 yoa, Vista Circle, Statesboro Ga) was manufacturing multiple types of hallucinogenic drugs.  After arriving, investigators made contact with Baggett and after a brief investigation they located multiple hallucinogenic drugs and the necessary ingredients used to manufacture these drugs. Baggett was placed under arrest and transported to the jail for processing.  Baggett was charged with criminal attempt to manufacture a schedule 1 narcotic (Dimethyltryptamine DMT a powerful hallucinogenic drug),  manufacturing Mescaline (derived from the peyote cactus also a very powerful hallucinogenic drug),  possession of psilocybin (derived from psilocybin mushrooms), possession of marijuana, and possession of a drug related object.  All of the items seized will be transported to the GBI crime lab in Savannah GA for testing. Baggett later posted a $10,000 bond and was released.
On May 19 2014 Investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team executed a search warrant at 3697 SR 24 Apt 103 A (Timberland Point Apartments), Statesboro Ga.  During the search investigators located a large quantity of marijuana and a large sum of U.S. currency.  Investigators arrested Bryan Morrell Davis (27 yoa, Hendrix Street, Statesboro Ga) and Isama Dare Alabi (34 yoa, Old Carriage Trail, Statesboro Ga) and charged them both with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.  Both Davis and Alabi were transported to the Bulloch County Jail for processing and were later released on bond pending further court proceedings.


Sex offender sought by investigators

christopher hadelBCSO investigators are currently seeking information on the location of Christopher Allen Hadel, w/m, 25 yoa.  Hadel is an absconded sex offender wanted by both BCSO and State Probation.  Hadel’s last know location was on SR 119 near the Effingham County line.  Hadel was convicted in 2013 of Sexual Exploitation of a Child.  Anyone with information on Hadel’s location should contact Cpt Todd Hutchens at 912-764-1787 or submit an anonymous tip to

Search warrant near GSU campus nets arrests

octavious hicklin irving huggins

On 5/7/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team served a search warrant at an apartment in  Cambridge at Southern-The Pines regarding drug sales from that location.  Investigators located quantities of different drugs at that location and took two of the tenants into custody.  Irving Bryan Huggins (20 yoa, Lanier Drive Statesboro Ga) was charged with two counts of Sale of Marijuana, one count of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, one count of Possession of a Schedule IV drug, one count of Unlawful use of Communications Facilities, and one count of Possession/Use of a Drug Related Object.  Octavius Tirrel Hicklin (20 yoa, Lanier Drive Statesboro Ga) was charged with  Possession of Marijuana (less than one ounce).  Both were transported to the Bulloch County Jail for processing.

Victim in shooting incident dies; charges against suspect upgraded

JAMES JEFFREY STUBBSInvestigators received word early this morning that Keith Brannen, the victim of a shooting which occurred on 4/22/14 on B Stubbs Rd in Statesboro, has died as a result of his injuries.  The suspect in the case, James Jeffrey Stubbs, was arrested at the time of the shooting and charged with Aggravated Assault.  Since that time he has been housed without bond at the Bulloch County Jail.  Stubbs’s charges have now been upgraded to include one count of Felony Murder.  Anyone with information on this case should contact Inv Dusty Williams at 912-764-1703 or submit an anonymous tip to