New Patrol Division deputies complete field training


Citizens will soon meet the two newest Patrol Division deputies.  Deputies Maurice Lester and Marcos Burgos recently completed their three month Field Training Program and were certified as fit for solo patrol duties.  The Field Training Program pairs newly certified deputies with state-certified Field Training Deputies for three months.  During these months the new deputies are evaluated on a daily basis and operate as part of a two-man unit with the Field Training Deputy.  The final two weeks of the program allows the new deputy to operate on his own, being shadowed and observed by the Field Training Deputy.  The Field Training Program was designed to bridge the gap between the Police Academy and actual law enforcement field work for the deputies.  Long gone are the days when a new deputy was hired, received the keys to a car,  and was told “Go be the police”  with no further instruction.  Deputies Lester and Burgos are also the first deputies to obtain law enforcement certification under a new BCSO program which encourages Jail Division deputies to obtain that distinction.  This certification rewards faithful service in the Jail Division and ensures that the Patrol Division receives deputies of proven worth to the agency.

Deputy Lester was hired in May 2011 as a Jail Division deputy.  His energetic work ethic and ability to handle inmates resulted in his being sent for law enforcement certification in late 2013.  Deputy Lester is a fitness enthusiast in addition to his duties.

Deputy Burgos was hired in October 2006 as a Jail Division deputy.  He functioned as an assistant shift supervisor in the Jail Division and also assisted other deputies and agencies as an interpreter of the Spanish language, which he speaks fluently.  He was sent for law enforcement certification in late 2013.

Sheriff Anderson would like to congratulate Deputies Lester and Burgos on their accomplishments.