History of BCSO

Bulloch County was incorporated on February 8th, 1796 and the English concept of the Office of Sheriff became a reality for its citizens.  Charles McCall Jr served as the first Sheriff of Bulloch County until 1797.  At that time Bulloch County consisted largely of wilderness including parts of what are now Emanuel, Candler, and Evans counties.  The population reached 1,900 people in 1800.  During this time the Sheriff was the sole source of law enforcement in this vast, yet sparsely populated area.

Typical Sheriffs until the Civil War period served two year terms, often returning to office in later elections.  Then, as now, the Sheriff was responsible for law enforcement duties, safeguarding prisoners in the jail (of whom there were very few), and acting as an officer of the courts.  During the Civil War, Sherman’s army burned the log courthouse in Statesboro during the March to the Sea.  As the county recovered from the damage caused during the War, the Office of the Sheriff occupied space in a rebuilt courthouse.

It was not until 1900 that a Sheriff was elected for more than five years in a term.  Sheriff J.Z. Kendrick served for 10 years as the 20th Century dawned.  During his term, Sea Island Cotton was king of the Bulloch County economy however a small school named the First District Agricultural and Mechanical School opened in 1906 which would bring enormous change over time  as Georgia Southern University.

Sheriff’s in the mid to late 20th Centuries tended to serve longer terms as the duties of Sheriff became more complex and the population rose.  Sheriffs Stothard Deal and Paul Nevil served for 12 years each, followed by Sheriff Arnold Ray Akins for 24 years.  The Sheriff’s Office and Jail moved to a location on Hill St in Statesboro.

Ballooning growth in the county stemming from Georgia Southern’s rise led to the construction of a new Sheriff’s Office complex in 1994.  The facility at the time housed just over 100 inmates along with all of the enforcement sections of the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Anderson assumed the Office of Sheriff in 2001.  A modernization of the Office, along with its policies and techniques, followed resulting in the hiring of many deputies, the first female patrol deputies, and the fielding of modern law enforcement equipment.  An expansion of the jail resulted in bedspace for nearly 500 inmates and allowed for the housing of Federal inmates.  Sheriff Anderson also promoted the balancing of proactive law enforcement with various community policing initiatives.

Sheriff McCall would not recognize the county he once served or the Office that he once held.  Change has come to this community and made it one of the most liveable areas in Georgia, combining the best parts of the Old and New South.  The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office strives to serve all the citizens of our county through service in law enforcement, detention, and in the courts.  As a full service law enforcement agency, the Sheriff’s Office recognizes the traditions of the past and pairs them with the most modern policing techniques.  We think Sheriff McCall would be proud.

Sheriff’s of Bulloch County

  1. Charles McCall Jr                                      1796-1797
  2. Joseph Cone                                                1797-1799
  3. David Williams Jr                                      1799-1799
  4. Joseph Fletcher                                         1799-1801
  5. Francis Kennedy                                        1801-1801
  6. Francis McCall                                            1801-1803
  7. Sheppard Williams                                    1803-1806
  8. Daniel Boatwright                                     1806-1807
  9. Nathanial McCall                                       1807-1808
  10. George Mikell                                              1808-1809
  11. William Woodcock                                    1809-1809
  12. Francis Kennedy                                        1809-1812
  13. Daniel Goodman Jr                                    1812-1815
  14. John Wise                                                      1815-1816
  15. John Mathews                                             1816-1818
  16. John Goodman                                           1818-1820
  17. John Matthews                                           1820-1822
  18. Samuel Slater                                               1822-1824
  19. James Denmark                                          1824-1826
  20. James Wilkerson                                        1826-1828
  21. Isaac Waters                                                1828-1830
  22. John Donaldson                                         1830-1832
  23. Alen Waters                                                 1832-1834
  24. Charnic Selph                                              1834-1836
  25. William P Murdock                                   1836-1838
  26. Judge R Waters                                           1838-1840
  27. Erastus Waters                                            1840-1842
  28. Hustus S Moore                                          1842-1844
  29. Erastus Waters                                            1844-1846
  30. Allen Waters                                                 1846-1848
  31. William H McLean                                      1848-1850
  32. Reddin Denmark                                         1850-1852
  33. Erastus Waters                                             1852-1854
  34. John Olliff                                                       1854-1856
  35. John S Denmark                                          1856-1858
  36. William Richardson                                   1858-1860
  37. John U Rowe                                                1860-1862
  38. E.L. Proctor                                                  1862-1864
  39. James Hendricks                                        1864-1866
  40. Richard Woodrum                                     1866-1871
  41. T.B. Moore                                                     1871-1875
  42. J.E.C. Tilman                                                 1875-1879
  43. Ellas M McElwin                                          1879-1881
  44. Thomas H Watters                                      1881-1881
  45. John A Nevils                                               1881-1883
  46. Richard Woodrum                                      1883-1885
  47. John A Waters                                              1885-1889
  48. S.J Williams                                                   1889-1893
  49. W.H. Waters                                                  1893-1896
  50. J.H. Donaldson                                            1896-1900
  51. J.Z. Kendrick                                                1900-1910
  52. J.H. Donaldson                                            1910-1914
  53. B.T. Mallard                                                   1914-1916
  54. W.H. Deloach                                                1916-1920
  55. B.T. Mallard                                                   1920-1928
  56. J.G. Tillman                                                   1928-1936
  57. L.M. Mallard                                                  1936-1944
  58. Stothard Deal                                                1944-1956
  59. Harold Howell                                               1956-1964
  60. J Paul Nevil                                                    1964-1976
  61. Arnold Ray Akins                                        1976-2000
  62. Lynn M Anderson                                       2000-present