Incident summary for 10/4/13 to 10/6/13

1- Domestic disputes:  800 block of Woodshole Circle, 1200 block of Buckhead Court, 400 block of J.U. Williams Lane, 1000 block of West Waters Lane, 1000 block of Trellis Court, 2000 block of Plantation Point Drive, Pine Inn Estates, 1000 block of Sinkhole Rd

2- Terroristic threats:  100 block of Egret Place

3- Damage to property:  East Georgia College (US 301S), 100 block of Kyle Sorrell Rd

4- Criminal trespass:  3000 block of Eldora Rd, 1000 block of Owens Rd, Dollar Store (US 301S), 200 block of Dekle Rd S, 800 block of Portal Metter Rd

5- Simple battery:  William James Middle School

6- Disturbance/disorderly conduct:  Newton’s MHP (one arrest)

7- Residential fire:  3000 block of SR 24

8- Harassment:  50 block of John Godley Lane, 6000 block of Owl Drive

9- Public intoxication:  Coaches Way (one arrest)

10- Statutory rape:  Pine Inn Estates (one arrest)