Incident summary for 10/18/13 to 10/20/13

1- Disturbance/disorderly conduct:  2000 block of Grimshaw Lane

2- Damage to property:  Mill Branch Club Rd, 600 block of Lancelot Court

3- Theft by taking:  1200 block of Railroad Bed Rd, 1300 block of Buck Creek Rd, 2000 block of Old Riggs Mill Rd, Langston Chapel Rd, SR 67 @ I-16, 3000 block of Lakeview Rd

4- Unruly juvenile:  Langston Chapel Elementary, 300 block of Live Oak Loop

5- ID theft:  4000 block of Settlement Rd, 8000 block of Sinkhole Rd, first block of Meadowbrooke Way

6- Domestic disputes:  700 block of Ogeechee Drive East, 700 block of Ogeechee Drive East (different residence), 50 block of Broomstraw Trace, 800 block of Pleasant Hill Church Rd, 1800 block of Old Dill Rd, 200 block of Pecan Grove Circle

7- Criminal trespass:  500 block of Holloway Lane

8- Simple battery:  Langston Chapel Rd

9- STEP deputies patrolled Stilson, Eldora, Portal, Register, and Nevils/Denmark, making 10 arrests

10- Deputies responded to a variety of other calls which did not require documentation