Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression team

The Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team was formed to target specific high crime areas and/or specific crime trends regardless of jurisdiction throughout Bulloch County.  It is composed of both BCSO investigators and officers of the Statesboro Police Department.  The Sheriff’s Targeted Enforcement Patrols (S.T.E.P.) unit is also a part of C.S.T. and brings with it proactive uniformed deputies and canine units.  C.S.T. also investigates drug violations and the illicit sale of these substances.  By combining investigative and uniform elements, the Crime Suppression Team is a potent weapon in the investigation of a variety of crimes.  Captain Jason Kearney leads the C.S.T. with Sgt Kent Munsey as Assistant Team Leader.

The  Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team is comprised of the Investigators listed below:



The Bulloch County Drug Suppression Team may be contacted at 912-764-1786 to file a complaint of suspected illegal drug activity. All calls will be kept confidential to maintain the safety of the citizens of Bulloch County.