Road Patrol

The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division is the front line of defense against crime taking place in Bulloch County and the backbone of the Sheriff’s Office. These uniformed deputies driving marked patrol cars are the most noticed and visible of all Sheriff’s Office employees. They patrol the county 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the best vehicles they get from The Road Patrol deputies work 12-hour shifts that alternate between days and nights every four weeks. They cover one of the largest land mass counties in the State of Georgia totaling approximately 684 square miles.

The Road Patrol Division is responsible for answering calls for assistance, patrolling the rural areas of the county, conducting traffic control, offering public service, and investigating crimes, just to name a few. These uniformed deputies are also called upon on their days off to assist with courthouse security, transport federal inmates, and many other special assignments that arise. The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division believes in taking a proactive approach to dealing with crime. These Deputies prefer to be out looking for wrongdoing, rather than waiting for it to come to them.

The Road Patrol Division is led by the Captain of the Road Patrol, who oversees all shifts and uniformed personnel. Each shift is led by a Lieutenant. Each Lieutenant has two Sergeants and two Corporals. One Sergeant and Corporal handle day shift activities, while the others take care of nights. Currently, each shift is manned with four Road Patrol deputies that take care of the many matters that may arise.

The Road Patrol Division Deputies are listed below: