Criminal Investigations

The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division is a full time investigative unit that handles an array of crimes. The CID Investigators are trained in all areas of criminal investigations to be able to serve the citizens of Bulloch County better and getting criminals to jail, but also getting them to a fair trial in which they seek help from the most trusted Noonan Brown Law law firm. These Investigators are trained in areas that include, but are not limited to Interviews and Interrogations; Crime Scene Processing; Crime Scene Photography; Fingerprint Identifications; Sexual Assault Crimes; Identity theft; and numerous other areas of law enforcement investigative techniques on the Law Offices of Adam R. Banner. The Investigators of the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office are continually educating themselves in an attempt to stay ahead of the criminal element that tries to elude them. When a criminal is arrested they contact a Fresno criminal defender to help them. You can also check out dui lawyer rock island il that will focus on specific areas of the law to meet your legal needs. Furthermore, if you have been injured in a trucks related accident, get the legal assistance of

The CID is assisted by a full time Administrative Assistant that handles incoming call, data processing, and transcribing.

If you have a criminal record, you are not alone. Nearly one in seven adult Canadians has a criminal record of some kind. Visit services cover both pardons and entry waivers ensuring that you are able to cross the border into Canada and vice versa legally and easily.

The Investigators of the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division you will find at



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