Deputies issued rank badges based on merit and years of service

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Sheriff Anderson recently authorized the issue of rank stripes for deputies denoting their merit and years of service.  Prior to this decision, deputies had to be promoted to supervisory rank before such stripes were issued.  Now, certified deputies with at least two years of honorable service without disciplinary action are awarded a single stripe denoting the rank of Deputy 1st Class.  Those with at least five years of service or those who have obtained training qualifying them as Georgia Sheriff’s Association Senior Deputies are awarded a stripe and rocker denoting the rank of Senior Deputy.  Finally, those deputies with at least ten years of honorable service are awarded a stripe, rocker, and star denoting the rank of Master Deputy.

These rank badges are a small token of thanks to the men and women who serve the people of Bulloch County daily with little fanfare.  It is these men and women, along with the supervisors promoted to guide them, that keep the peace in our community and make it the great place to live that it is.  Congrats!