Crime Suppression Team arrests subject near GSU who was wanted by five agencies


On 5/29/14 investigators with the Statesboro-Bulloch Crime Suppression Team working the area of Lanier Drive responded to the Cove Apartments on Chandler Rd to assist Statesboro Police Dept units with a large gathering of people.  During the course of this agency assist, CST members began speaking with a male subject in the area.  The male subject provided a false name in an attempt to conceal his identity, however investigators were able to finally determine his name to be Calvin Brewton (25 yoa, Chandler Rd, Statesboro Ga).  Brewton was found to have active warrants for his arrest for a series of entering autos on Savannah Avenue, cases worked by the Statesboro Police Dept.  Brewton was also wanted by GSU P.D. for Obstruction, by Liberty County S.O. for Probation Violation, by Chatham County S.O. for Probation Violation, and by the Pembroke P.D. for a Bench Warrant.  Additionally, Brewton was determined to be a previously unidentified seller of marijuana from whom CST had purchased marijuana in the past several months.  Brewton was transported to the Bulloch County Jail where he remains with no bond set.

Brewton’s case is a prime example of why CST was formed.  His charges range from thefts to drug activity and he resided in an area next door to Georgia Southern University.  By dedicating investigators to work problem areas, regardless of what form those problems take, law enforcement targets its efforts and hopefully makes these neighborhoods safer.  The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office and Statesboro Police Department are committed to lowering crime rates and keeping students safe while they attend GSU.

Brewton’s final list of charges are as follows:  3 cts of Entering Auto, 1 ct of Sale of Marijuana, 2 cts of Giving False Information to Law Enforcement, 1 ct of Obstruction, with holds placed on Brewton for Liberty County, Chatham County, and Pembroke Police.