Incident summary for 9/6/13 to 9/8/13

1- Domestic disputes:  100 block of Oak St in Brooklet (one arrest), 13000 block of SR 46 (one arrest), 3000 block of Eldora Rd, English Oaks Blvd, 600 block of Shaw Rd, 14000 block of SR 46, 4000 block of Maria Sorrell Rd, 2500 block of Westover Drive,  Cypress Lake Bridge (one arrest), 20000 block of US 80 W (warrant issued), 3000 block of Twin Forks Rd (one arrest)

2- Criminal trespass:  100 block of Aggie’s Lane, 500 block of Franklin K Lane, 100 block of Ledbury Cove

3- Theft by taking:  100 block of Brannen Rd

4- ID theft:  400 block of Clifton Rd, 50 block of Windy Hill Rd

5- Entering auto:  1200 block of Cedar Lawn Rd (unlocked vehicles), 17000 block of SR 67 (unlocked)

6- Theft by taking-motor vehicle:  3000 block of SR 67, 300 block of Hannah Way

7- Burglary:  800 block of West Rushing Rd

8- Violation of a temporary protective order:  4000 block of Kennedy Bridge Rd (one arrest)

9- Death investigation:  2000 block of Sam Tillman Rd (natural)

10- STEP deputies worked various areas of the county and made 21 arrests; other deputies served several arrest warrants and responded to a variety of other calls