Incident summary for 8/30/13 to 9/1/13

1- Damage to property:  7000 block of SR 46, 2000 block of Gabbie’s Run

2- Peeping Tom:  300 block of West Leyland Court (one arrest)

3- ID theft:  800 block of Gator Rd, 1300 block of Leefield Station Rd

4- Domestic disputes:  9000 block of Burkhalter Rd, 1000 block of Holland Rd (one arrest)

5- Theft by taking:  2000 block of Dyches Rd

6- Welfare check:  500 block of R.E. Lee Rd

7- Harassment:  1200 block of Woodyard Rd

8- Criminal trespass:  2000 block of Isaac Akins Rd, 3000 block of Ben Grady Collins Rd

9- Residential structure fire:  100 block of Claude Brown Lane

10- Deputies arrested several subjects on traffic stops and warrant arrests; multiple other calls dispatched and resolved without need for reporting