Incident summary for 8/23/13 to 8/25/13

1- Public intoxication:  Langston Chapel Rd (one arrest)

2- Damage to property:  100 block of Lee Avenue Ext, 200 block of Booster Blvd, 5000 block of Burkhalter Rd (one arrest)

3- Harassment:  Lane Rd, 500 block of Pope Rd, Arthur Nubern Rd

4- Disturbance/disorderly conduct:  Dry Branch Village MHP

5- Domestic disputes:  200 block of Highpoint Rd, 100 block of Stonebrook Ave, 600 block of Bonnett Rd, 1400 block of Macedonia Rd, 2000 block of   Walden Way

6- Death investigation:  4000 block of Mallard Pond Rd (natural causes)

7- Theft by taking motor vehicle:  10000 block of US 80 E

8- ID theft:  600 block of Waverly Lane

9- Arson: Arcola Rd dumpster site

10- Residential burglary:  Cedarwood Acres MHP (one arrest)

11- STEP deputies patrolled Register, Stilson, and Eldora, conducted two safety checkpoints, and arrested 12 persons