Incident summary for 8/2/13 to 8/5/13

1- Theft by deception:  Newell’s Recycling, 9000 block of US 301S

2- Criminal trespass:  6000 block of Court Place, 3000 block of Pioneer Trail, 300 block of Hannah Way, 100 block of Pamela Way

3- Aggravated assault:  8000 block of Two Chop Rd (one arrest)

4- Domestic disputes:  Mill Creek Estates MHP (one arrest), 2000 block of Old Riggs Mill Rd (one arrest), Cedarwood Acres MHP, 300 block of Live Oak Lane Rd, 100 block of Lester Fordham Rd (one arrest), 200 block of Triple T Rd (one arrest), 2000 block of Dyches Rd, 800 block of Crane Lane, 600 block of Ogeechee Drive West, 8000 block of Sinkhole Rd, 3000 block of Cypress Lake Rd, 1000 block of Bartlett Drive

5- Attempted burglary:  2000 block of Blankenbaker Rd

6- Manufacturing methamphetamine:  2000 block of Pulaski Rd (three arrests)

7- Theft by taking:  100 block of Lincoln St, 21000 block of US 80 E

8- STEP deputies worked Clito and Register, making multiple arrests